Precision Injection Moulded Components

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About Precision Injection Moulded

The Innovative Polymers is the perfect partner for the production of Precision Injection Moulded Components.

Precision Injection Moulded Components use the same basic process as conventional injection moulding by moulding parts using a cavity and clamp to shape molten plastic. However, the difference between precision moulding machines is that they enable the manufacturer to have greater control over variables such as temperature, mould tolerances, cavity pressure, and injection speed.

Employing greater control over environmental conditions may mean that the machine and its surroundings have to be climate controlled, clean and open to as little human interaction as possible. By offering greater control to manufacturers, Precision Injection Moulded Components is able to create parts that are smaller and more complex in their design and capabilities, including polymer optics.

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    Precision Injection Moulded Components
    • High Precision
    • Low cost
    • High Repeatability
    • Less Plastic Waste