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About Plastic Injection Moulding for FMCG

With almost 35 years of experience in plastic injection moulding for FMCG, Innovative Polymers has grown to be recognized as a worldwide leader in custom plastic injection moulding FMCG. We have satisfied Clients with OEMs worldwide; we mould customized plastic parts that enhance end products reducing product cost by streamlining assembly and manufacturing processes

Innovative Polymers may be a pioneer in using the injection molding plastic process for skinny wall plastic molding and thin-wall packaging. High-speed plastic injection moulding machines, robotic systems, special thin wall plastic injection moulds, custom part design, and material selection are the key parameters which keep us successful in thin wall plastic injection moulding for FMCG

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    Plastic Injection Moulding for FMCG
    • Detailed Features and Complex Geometry
    • Enhanced Strength
    • High Efficiency
    • Ability to Use Multiple Plastic Types Simultaneously
    • Automation to Save Manufacturing Costs